Between the joy of labeling my boxes and unwrapping my bamboo hangers, the image of Marie Kondo emerges. Almost like an archetype of Wellness, she appears in our domestic routines with the ease of a rehearsed brushstroke.

The idea of inviting bliss by resetting our home is a profound thought. She speaks of how we can enjoy our homes through the sheer joy of order. What strikes particularly is how we can achieve that with consciousness and respect. …

West’s fascination with Marie Kondo made me religiously stalk her on social media. Enamored by her method to cleanse, I came across this quote that ignited parts of me with utmost fascination, ‘So if you’re too afraid to look into the scary attic in your mind, look into the scary attic in your home. It will be a portal, a doorway, that will take you into the parts of yourself that you’ve been afraid to look at.’

This quote not only made me declutter and donate 16 bags of my belongings to new homes, but it also helped me to…

As a lover of words, I hold on to sentences that carry a universe of their own. Some enthrall, some provocate and some come with a promise to heal. In my pursuit to understand wellness, I explored a few concepts that share a need to heal the human soul.

Dolce far Niente

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As I watched Godward’s painting in a recent exhibition, the women held my attention. Sun-kissed women lounging in oleander-filled Mediterranean gardens personified the very essence of this phrase. Dolce far Niente- ‘Sweetness of doing nothing.’ Just the lines you need to hear to unwind, to be.

This idea also seemed like…

Design is the most underrated aspect of wellness. There is a reason why biophilic interiors, neuroplasticity, and Scandinavian decor find a common thread in improving the functioning of our brain. Especially our Hypothalamus, which responds strongly to order and organization. In a recent article, Neri Oxman, a well-known professor at MIT explained this analogy to determine my experience. She spoke about the varied fields of art, decor, and engineering. How the input of one provided the output of the other. If engineering is about invention, decor shows how a culture consumes it. Art expresses it. …

At a recent holiday, my room overlooked the ostentatious yet magnificent outlet of the famous design store- Restoration Hardware. The concrete loft chic building stood tall through its industrial charade. The opulence met my eyes through slivers of its linear chandeliers that peeked through their stellar windows. I stood in awe, sipping into my golden cappuccino, relishing more of what I saw than drank.

A walk through the store’s manicured gardens reflected the showmanship of the Palace of Versailles. The concept of symmetry greeted me. The mirrors and brass accents under crystal geodes left an impression. The lack of color…

The lush state of Tennessee is known for its breathtaking sights. It boasts of the famous Appalachian mountains, the historic Mississippi River, and the world-famous Smoky mountains. Due to its favorable location, it witnesses a temperate yet subtropical climate. The magic of this culminates in the Spring season.

This season also brings in the bi-annual entry of the iridescent yet voracious breed of the famous hummingbird. Out of the nearly 350 varieties, six are in Tennessee. One of which is endemic, the other five visit for nesting and wintering purposes.

What makes these birds an irresistible delight among bird lovers…

Travel! A sense of joy meets my heart as I hear the word Travel.

We as humans weave out a world through our imagination. Some of us make this dream a reality by physically traveling to spaces. Others do it through their minds. Literally speaking, travel is one of the most underrated tools that help us energize our mind and body. We as humans have nearly seven trillion nerve endings that require the thrill to pulsate and come alive. …

This year has come with its boon for self-reflection. Hibernating at home, I delved into the idea of well-being. With time, I realized a strong correlation between my mental health and the way my house looked.


Decor for many is about a destination. But it could also be a reflection of your inner world, a journey that you could embrace. Whether it’s the corners of our room or the walls of a palace, our homes define us.

But how do they define our emotional well-being?

Neuroaesthetics helps us understand how our brain functions according to spaces. It essentially studies…

Richa Kapoor- @richsoulseeker

Come stay awhile as I reflect on my multi-hyphenate experiences on wellness, health, and education through a soulful eye.

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